10 DIY Christmas Decorations to get your creativity flowing

It’s starting to feel like a DIY Christmas
With Christmas just round the corner, we are sure a lot of you will be rushing around last minute to finish Christmas shopping and decorating your home to welcome your guests this year. However, have you found that once you have dusted off the decorations from last year, that you cannot help but feel some of them have lost some of the cheer and glee that they once had. If so, it sounds like some new decorations for your home are in order! We have collected 10 of our favourite DIY Christmas decorations which will help you breath a new festive life into your home this year… without breaking the bank.

Colour Swatch Christmas Trees
Christmas tree swatches
Starting off, a very simple yet effective DIY Christmas tree created from paint swatches (found in most DIY stores with their paint section) By using green colour swatches, or any other Christmas colours you can cut a simple triangle tree out to be used across a number of DIY projects such as Cards, Gift tags or even hanging decorations.

Painted Pine Cones

Bring a bit of winter wonderland into your home this year, this simple DIY project using pine cones and white paint will be sure to create that traditional Christmas feel with a twist. The tutorial can be found here

Scrabble Tile Ornament
Let it snow

Add a bit of Character to the tree this year using this quick and quirky tutorial to create your very own Scrabble tile ornaments. The end result of these is very effective, and if done with a bit of care and patience, the results can be truly magical. What message will you spell out on your tree this year? The tutorial can be found here

Scarf Wreath
Scarf Wreath

Deck the halls this year with some unconventional wreaths created from your unwanted scarfs. Moving away from a traditional wreath created from Christmas foliage, this cosy twist is very effective! The tutorial can be found here

Stem Ware Snow Globes

Create a mystical winter scene using this inexpensive method, utilising unwanted or old stemware. Charity shops or IKEA are a great place to find stemware cheaply if you do not have any you are willing to use for this DIY project. The tutorial can be found here

Christmas Light bulbs
Christmas Bulbs
Boxes of old light bulbs hidden away in the garage? This method is a great way to decorate and use your old bulbs as Christmas decorations in your home this year. The tutorial can be found here

Glitter Bow Garland
pasta bow garland
A brilliant new use for pasta bows, create you own glitter bow garland! These are great for decoration small indoor potted plants, running up the banisters and where ever else you might think to hang your garland. The tutorial can be found here

Candy Cane Place Cards

Show how sweet you can be to your dinner guests this year by creating candy cane place card holders. This is a very quick and effective way to quirk up your dinner table, and not to forget, your dinner guests won’t steal your seat next to the turkey this year. The tutorial can be found here

Cinnamon DIY Candle

Fill your home with a warm, welcoming cent of Cinnamon. This tutorial, or candle hack shows you how to turn a simple, unscented candle into an attractive, sweet smelling centrepiece. You can also use candles that are already scented too, just make sure you choose a scent which compliments the Cinnamon, such as vanilla. The tutorial can be found here

DIY Snow Globes
Snow Globe
Turn baby food jars, jam jars, mason jars… into SNOW GLOBES! Using this easy to follow tutorial you will find out how easy it is to create your own fairy tale Christmas scenes to place around your home. The tutorial can be found here

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