Five Fabulous Fire Pits

Now that autumn is upon us, the days are starting to feel shorter, the evening temperature is dropping, and Brits everywhere are relentlessly wearing flip flops at any indication of the sun on the forecast.

But, do not despair yet! Even though the evenings are slowly closing in on us, we have found five rather unique fire pits which will keep you and your friends warm and toasty into the early hours of the evening. So, read on to see our top 5 fire pits, hopefully, you will find some inspiration for your own outdoor space!

Fire Pit #1
The Obelisk

Our first fire pit that we are kicking off with is ‘The Obelisk’ or the “tekhenu” as it would have been called by its creators, the Ancient Egyptians.
A rather weathered and industrial spectacle would make a fine and eye catching addition to any decking area.

Fire Pit #2
The Globe

Some people just want to watch the world burn… and now, you can!
Some might say this fire pit is a testament to global warming.

Fire Pit #3
Burning Tree Stump

Add some rustic class to your outside space with this ‘Burning Tree Stump’
This will make for a true spectacle at any outdoor social event.

Fire Pit #4
Chainlink Basket

Here we have a more compact, space saving fire pit. Compared to the ones before this, you will find it is relatively small in size. This is great for smaller outdoor areas where you will be entertaining, or simply relaxing into the night.

Fire Pit #5
The Burning Rock

Our final fabulous fire pit is one of our favourites by far. A true conversation starter, this stone fire pit will complement a contemporary garden landscape.

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