What we do

We’ve built our inventory, check in and check out reports with letting agents and landlords in mind. Remove the hassle from inventories by working with an experienced supplier. Reduce rental void periods, protect and insure landlords properties and most importantly, have more time to focus on what you do best.

Hinch Property Management is an industry leader in providing the highest quality property inventory report services to the lettings and serviced apartment market. We offer independent property Inventory Check Ins, Check Outs, and Property Visits. We ensure clarity, detail and impartial inventory, check in and check out reports, essential to a fair and swift deposit return process.

During the 15 years in the business, we have constantly developed our services to work with some of the largest letting agents, relocation agents and serviced apartment agencies across the South East, Home Counties and London- with Hinch PM satellite partners now operating further across the country.

Our clerks are all trained to our own highest Approved Inventory Professional training course standards, ensuring our inventory reporting adheres to that of leading industry bodies such as the TDS.  With over 30 property inventory clerks, we endeavour to cover all Inventory, Check In and Check Out booking requirements 7 days a week, throughout the year.

You’ll have full access to our unrivalled Bookings team, an expert Customer Service team and a dedicated Account Manager. All of whom will work with you to meet your requirements making the Inventory, Check In and Check Out process as seamless as possible.

What We offer

Hinch Property Management has established a 2 tier service level for estate agents and letting agents wishing to outsource their property mid-term visits. Our history of working to high levels on reporting on inventories has led us to devise a report that covers a mid-term tenancy inspection.

We can offer you a standard or non-managed service. From picking up keys and visiting the properties as arranged by yourselves; to a fully managed service where once we have received the data we contact the tenant directly to arrange the visit. We will email you to let you know of the properties we are visiting and on which day. We even set up a dedicated line for your tenants to call, should they have any queries.

Property Inventory Reports

Our property inventory will provide a fair and accurate description of the property at the time of inspection. It covers all areas including the front and rear garden, garages, outhouses and sheds as well as all of the internal rooms, furnishings and the condition. During the inspection, we will collect a full body of photographic evidence to support the descriptions taken during the report. Unlike other companies, who will only include a certain amount of embedded photos in their inventory reports, we provide you with a photo link to an online photo album which contains all the photos our inventory clerk captured at your property.

Our reports will always follow a specific format:

Fixtures and Fittings
Sanitary ware, i.e. bath, shower and tiles etc.
Fitted units

Alongside noting all of the items and their condition, and equally importantly, their cleanliness is also included in the inventory report.

In the case of furnished properties, all items in the property will be itemised. It is, however, strongly recommended that if a landlord is leaving furnishings in the property that a replacement value of the item is noted to ensure all parties are aware of the potential replacement cost should an item become damaged or broken.

We send all of our reports via email, however, if requested we are happy to send hard copies to all parties involved.

At the time of the check out, the report will be checked through thoroughly and any marks, stains or damage that is over and above fair wear and tear will be noted. Again, hard copies will be sent out as requested.

We highly recommend to new landlords to go to the expense of having your property professionally cleaned, including ovens, windows and carpets. Please ensure you leave a copy of the receipts in a folder for our agents, so we are able to point this out to the ingoing tenants.  At the end of the tenancy, the tenants are expected to leave the property in the condition it was in at the start of the tenancy so if a professional clean was undertaken the outgoing tenant will need to have the property cleaned to the same standard. This will help to keep your property in good order and minimises the chance of any discrepancies at the end of the tenancy.

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Check in & Out Reports

Key Points on Check In

  • The walk-through; advising on any defects and cleanliness issues, putting your tenants’ mind at rest that any defects have been noted by an independent body.
  • Taking the meter readings, agreeing the cleanliness and signing over the keys with the tenants
  • Providing all parties (landlord, tenant and agent) with an accurate report for the property, for the start of each tenancy.

 Key Points on Check Out

  • A comparison of the condition and cleanliness of the property from that noted at the check in.
  • Taking the meter readings, agreeing the cleanliness and signing back the keys with the tenants, ensuring that all keys handed over at check in are handed back at check out – These are immediately returned to the Letting Agent
  • A full damage and dilapidations report with photographs and suggestions of liability.

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Interim Property Visits

When empty, at times, a fully managed property, requires a condition check. We go and visit the property and report back on its condition. From a security point of view to noting the cleanliness and state of the garden, we can help to ensure the property is in the best condition for showing and, hopefully re-letting.

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Schedule of Condition

A schedule of condition is an itemised report compiled when a property inventory has not been supplied. Often useful for tenants when a Landlord refuses to have a full inventory compiled. These can be used at the check in or check out, and helps tenants to feel more confident having been covered by an independent company on the general state of the property.

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Executive Check Out Service

The Executive Check Out Service will not only place a liability on any dilapidations found, but to also place a ‘suggested cost’ on any dilapidations found at ‘tenant cost’. Using both our industry experience and the benefit of having been to the property, we believe we are in a strong position to suggest an accurate figure to be deducted from the deposit based on the information available to us at the time of check out.

  • No effect on the 48 hour turnaround period of our check out reports
  • A full customer service team following the check out, should there be any queries on the costs suggested.
  • The opportunity to send any information to us that may affect a cost (receipts/invoices)
  • Save time during busy rental periods
  • A professional, non-bias opinion which will evaluate liabilities fairly

Within this service, we also offer the optional extra of a one to one deposit consultation. If you would like more information regarding our Executive Check Out Service, please enquire with a member of the team.

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Alternatively, instantly get in touch using this number : 020 7989 9128.

"Extremely professional, reliable and highly accommodating to our needs. We have been working with Hinch for many years now, and can't think of ever changing to a different inventory company!"

Romulo Viola, Vanet Property Asset Management

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