Property Visits Are Back!

Rental Mid-term inspections, routine visits, or as we like to call them – Property Visits have been unavailable for over a year now.

This was a necessary action to take. However, we can’t deny the importance these inspections play in running a successful tenancy.

Property visits provide a simple and effective solution to ensuring everything is going A-OK during the tenancy. When an agent or landlord is completing regular property visits, they’re able to:

  • Continue providing a high quality property management service.
  • Ensure tenants are sticking to the tenancy agreement and are looking after the property.
  • Check in with tenants to see if they’re happy, and to listen and resolve any problems they may be having.
  • Checking that any organised repairs or maintenance have been completed.
  • Maintain a portfolio of supporting evidence for the properties condition between the check in and check out.
  • They’re also a fantastic tool for making sure vacant properties remain secure and issue free.

It’s not unusual for property visits to be completed routinely. Usually every 6 months (in some cases, it’s even every 3 months!) But, with national lockdowns and social distancing measures – completing these inspections has not been possible for most agents and landlords.

With over a year out, backlogs of these inspections are growing. To the point where they’re verging on the unmanageable. Afterall, we all love ticking items off a to-do list. Rather than adding more.

To help you get back on track, we’re delighted to announce our thorough and professional property visits – while sticking to the rules and ensuring everyone’s safety – are now returning as of May 17th.

Covid Compliant Property Visits

Our property visits will have 2 swift and efficient packages available for booking

Tier 1 Property Visits

The tier 1 package gets the job done safely and efficiently. We’ll request the data we need from you in a secure format. This will allow us to contact every tenant who requires a visit to secure a time slot to complete their property visit.

If tenants do not respond, we’ll pass the information back to you to contact the tenants. If you wish for us to try and carry out the visit again please include their information on the following months data submission.

After the inspection is complete, you’ll receive a thorough report with all of the findings during the inspection.

Tier 2 Property Visits

If you’re an Agent who’s serious about lifting the weight of property visits off your Agency. Then the tier 2 package is what you’ll seriously want to consider.

We’ll personally contact every single tenant by phone. Walk them through why the inspection is taking place. Explain how their safety is our number 1 priority. And finally, we’ll secure their inspection time slot.

We’ll even follow up with your tenants up to 3 times if we do not hear from them after the first point of contact.

The final cherry on top of the cake is our included messaging service. Every tenant confirmed for an inspection will receive a reminder about their inspection.

Drastically decreasing the chances of a cancelled inspection.

Covid Precautions

Yes, these inspections are going ahead in person. However, we have our stringent covid precautions in place for every property visit.

  1. If we’re returning any keys back to you, they will be sanitized and placed into a bag or envelope.
  2. Clerks will have the appropriate PPE required to reduce any risks.
  3. Social distancing will be in place.

How To Book Your Property Visits

We’re determined to make your list of property visits “vanish”. Relieve your agency of the mammoth backlog you’ve accumulated throughout lockdowns.

All you have to do is contact our team today and we’ll do the rest.

Register Your Interest

Fill in the form below and we’ll contact you directly about covering your property visits.

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