Shutter and Blind Safety

As an Inventory company that works for leading independent and multi-branch letting agents across London and the surrounding areas, we have a broad insight into emerging requirements our clients require from our reports. A key part of our service provided are our regular branch meetings with our Senior Account Manager. Through these meetings we are able to fine-tune our reports through the information we learn from you.

It has recently been brought to our attention that Letting Agents and Landlords would strongly benefit from a compulsory “Blind & Shutter Safety Check”. Similar to the compulsory Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm tests a vast majority of Inventory Companies and Clerks carry out, a Blind and Shutter check is certainly a paramount precaution that should be included within an Inventory Report.

What do the Regulations require?

  • Relevant safety devices to prevent cords and chains from becoming a hazard
  • Key safety items should be tested on internal blinds
  • Safety devices should be tested on blinds
  • Safety devices included on all blinds manufactured
  • Cords and Chains lengths must ent 1.5m above the ground
  • Full instructions and warnings on packaging and at POS information.

This updated to blind and curtain regulations is not so well known amongst the Landlord community. The potential costs of neglecting things such as these could be high and hence Hinch Property Management are proud to announce that these are part of our reports now.

What will we check?
To ensure that the Landlord is following shutter and blind requirements our clerks will now check the following on Inventory, Check In & Check Out:

Cord / Chain Cleat
The cleat should be installed at least 1.5m from the ground to ensure the cord or chain can be tied in a secure figure of eight.

Chain Breaker
A chain breaker is a safety device which will snap the chain or cord in a situation where excessive force if put on the cord/chain.

Chain Tensioners
For blinds with a looped chain or cord such as a roller blind. The chain/cord can be made safer through the fitting of a chain tensioner. This device is fitting at the maximum height of the blinds so it can hold the chain/cord taught and in place.

For a full guide and in-depth information regarding making shutters and blinds safer in your rented property. Make It Safe have a thorough website with detailed videos to help educate and inform. Visit:

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