Spring Clean it like you Mean it

Spring is drawing itself upon us this month, although, looking out the window today to see a very familiar grey and dreary sky might make you think otherwise. For those of you eager to embrace the outdoors again, or even those still in hibernation mode from winter, Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to detox your home and mind from dust, dirt and clutter, subsequently breathing new life and energy into your home.

Mean It
To prepare yourself for the daunting task ahead you must mean it, whether that involves conducting a preparation ritual, ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ style chant, or simply jacking up on your caffeine intake, make sure you are ready to clean it like you mean it. Carrying out a half-hearted spring clean will evidently only leave your home dressed in silver, not gold.

So, are you ready to jump in yet?
If that answer is no, I suggest you fork out for a professional cleaner to do the hard work and enjoy your hibernation period just that little bit longer.

For those of you that I can hear chanting your preparation ritual… let’s get stuck in shall we?

The Cleaning List

#Tip, before getting started, open all the windows and doors in your home to air out the interior.

Pay careful attention to cleaning all lighting fixtures and fittings, removing any dust and grime that has built up over the year from regular use. Dust off lampshades, and replace those which have lost their original showroom appeal.

Wash down your walls, paying particular attention to the lower third where scuffs and marks from passers-by can be common. In certain areas where you might have experienced chips or physical damage to the wall, consider touching it up with filler and a fresh touch of paint.

Wash down both sides of doors in your property, paying particular attention to scuffs and marks. If necessary, you can touch up small scratches with a touch of paint. Clean off door handles, knobs, and switch plates.

Rugs and Mats
Give any mat or rug in you’re a house a deep clean with a steam cleaner or put them in the washing machine. For those which look beyond revival, consider replacing them

Hard Flooring
Bring out the elbow grease and get down and dirty to sweep, wash, and scrub laminate or hardwood flooring. Pay particular attention to high traffic areas, this is where you will find most scuffs and marks to floor surfaces

Steam clean any carpeted area in your home. In areas which need more attention than the rest, it could be worth hiring a professional carpet cleaning device such as ‘Rug Doctor’ If a carpet is looking particularly lifeless, it could be the time to consider having new carpet installed (Or you can take a cheeky peak underneath to see if revealing what’s below takes your fancy)
Spot clean fabric on any furniture if required, if the item is large enough, you could justify steam cleaning the fabric. Once you are happy with the removal of any stains or marks, proceed to hoover thoroughly, taking off all cushions to get ‘stuck in’

While cleaning around the house, keep a keen eye out for any redundant materials and items in your home. This can be old magazines, expired medications, unused items such as DVD’s, old children’s toys. You have to be cruel to be kind, ask yourself what really IS needed in your home. Anything remaining, you can arrange in an attractive manner or store out of sight.
Don’t forget to apply decluttering to long life foods and spices in your kitchen, be sure to check dates thoroughly and rid yourself of anything that is past its best.

Clean any screens, monitors, desktops, TV’s, games consoles, radios etc with care and delicacy. Removing any dust and polishing away fingerprints. You will want to look at neatening up your cables and wires once the item has been cleaned.

Sheets and Linens
First off, gather together all your sheets and linens to make a decision on what is worth keeping and what should be thrown out. If something no longer compliments the room it is in, consider getting rid of it. Once you have decided on the keepers, proceed to spot clean any stubborn stains before placing them all in a wash.

Kitchen Utilities / Equipment
Over time, these pick up all sorts of grime and burnt-on mess, evidently getting worse the longer they are left. Deep cleaning items such as microwaves and ovens can drastically improve the feel of cleanliness in your kitchen. Be sure to focus on deep cleaning any vents and filters on utilities along with a ruthless disinfectant rampage.

Mirrors and Windows
Keeping mirrors and windows clean can sometimes feel like a losing battle, especially when you have the addition of children and their dirty fingers added in the mix. However, by cleaning and polishing mirrors and windows in your home you should find yourself pleasantly surprised with how it can create the feel of a more spacious environment

A common substance you will find throughout your home, especially in tiled areas. The purpose of grouting is to act as a filler between tiles, this will then prevent the possibility of water from damaging the tiles, it also acts as protection from preventing the water penetrating further behind the tiles and damaging the actual wall behind it. We strongly recommend that any damaged or deuterating grout is redone to ensure this protection continues to work to the best of its ability.

Outside / Garden
If you don’t have green fingers the following might be a bit of a daunting task, however, the sooner you get going, the sooner it can be left to blossom. Look at de-weeding flower beds, trimming bushes, trees and shrubbery, and planting new flowers in the place of those that appear to be struggling, who knows, you might have developed your green fingers and you just don’t know it yet.

Garden furniture will require a thorough brush and clean, if required do not hesitate touching up tired looking items such as benches and chairs with a hard wearing outdoor paint. This can make the most unloved piece of garden wear shine with pride once again.

Finally, pressure wash down exterior hard surfaces such as walls, garage doors and patios.

Sit back and admire your hard work
It’s now time to stick on the kettle and settle down with a brew while appreciating the huge impact you have made on the cleanliness of your home, but, do not think it stops here. To ensure you maintain this level of cleanliness look at how you can set aside small sections of time each day to simply tend to areas which require a revisit.

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