We’ve Expanded!

What is it about this time of year that inspires every man and his dog to move around during the summer time?

Well, whatever is in the air we are sure you have been working hard through this traditionally fast and full on period for all of us in the Rental Sector. In fact, we’re pretty certain you must be due to the incredibly high volume of properties we have been sending our clerks to check in and check out your tenants.

So, during this extremely busy period in the office, we noticed things were getting slightly cramped, and a little bit on top of each other.

At this stage, we knew that we needed to find a solution…

What solution did you come up with? we hear you say

Well, in fact, instead of an easy solution, we decided to give ourselves another challenge -at least temporarily

The Challenge
Refurbish the office during one of the busiest times of the year for Hinch.

Yes, you heard that correctly. A full office refurbishment. As if we’re not manic enough in here already, we willingly chose to throw in a dash of sawdust, a pinch of demolition, and a lick of fresh paint into the mix. All in the name of giving ourselves a better platform to operate, in addition to the incoming system update and application we are developing!

We chose to use a local company for the refurbishment; R Foster Decoration. They advised us on the best route of action to get the most out of our office space. Once agreeing with their ideas (and holding back our excitement) they went ahead and merged our two offices into one. This was achieved by knocking through the wall and installing some very snazzy and modern glass doors to join our two offices together. We then went on to have R Foster Decoration completely touch up the interior of the office with a fresh coat of paint.

We would like to express our thanks to R Foster Decoration for completing the work for us to a very high and efficient standard.

Before and after photos below!

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