Executive Check Out Reports: Bringing Clarity to Liabilities

Our Executive Check Out Service will not only place a liability on any dilapidations found, but will assign a suggested monetary cost on any dilapidations that the tenant is liable for, giving you a clear figure on what to claim from the deposit.

A Check Out Report That Goes the Extra Mile by Placing a Suggested Cost on Every Liability

Using our industry experience and TDS training, we’re in a strong position to place an accurate figure to be deducted from the deposit.

This advisory service will not only act as a strong starting point for any deposit dealings but will benefit you in the busier times of the year.

Send Your Evidence

Send our team the Check In and Check Out report, along with any further supporting evidence.

Evidence Review

Our TDS trained team will review all the evidence provided and evaluate liability and tenant costs.

Suggested Deposit Claim

Once reviewed, you will receive a complete report with a suggested deposit claim figure.

Start Receiving More From Your Check Out Reports

Discover the key features from our Executive Check Out Service

TDS & DPS Trained

Through regular attendance of the TDS and DPS adjudication courses we know how deposits are often shared out between the tenant and landlord.

Accurate Claims

A professional, unbiased approach will evaluate liabilities fairly. You will know how much to rightfully claim from the tenant’s deposit.

Complete Support

Receive full access to the support of our customer service team. If there are any queries on the suggested costs we’re always available to help.
Example of Executive Check Out Report

Clear Cost Summary

All areas subject to tenant cost will be itemized clearly by type and location in the executive check out report for ease of use and understanding the findings.

Suggested Cost

All damages, changes and cleaning issues that are considered liable of the tenant receive a cost in line with TDS and DPS arbitration guidelines.

Total Claim Cost

The total of these costs from our findings will be what we suggest the Landlord should claim for from the tenancy deposit as compensation.

The Benefits of Using our Executive Check-Out Service

Start Settling End of Tenancy Deposits Faster, with Fewer Disputes

The power of a third party independent deposit opinion can go a long way in settling tenancy deposits.
Guido Pani
Guido Pani
Lettings Director
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The general feedback that we have received from all of our clients who have opted for the executive checkout has been extremely positive. The executive checkout is saving landlords countless hours of trying to work out costs that should be deducted from the checkout and in turn keeping tenants happy as they are receiving their deposits back quicker than they normally would if their landlord did not have this option available to them.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Service

Our team is on hand to answer any questions you might have. However, here are some of the most common questions we receive.


Our decades of industry experience and TDS training puts us in a unique position to accurately place a figure that could be deducted from the deposit. We think like an adjudicator – Evaluating the evidence we hold from Check In to Check Out, considering product lifespans, the details of the tenancy and the going rates for contractors, material costs and removals.
There is absolutely no obligation to continue using the Executive Check Out service at the end of your trial. We’ll check in to see how you found the service and if you’d like to continue.
When you choose to use the Executive Check Out service, there’s no obligation to use it on all of your check out reports – For instance you may prefer to use the service on larger properties, or solely on furnished properties.

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