Mid-Term Tenancy Inspections for London and Buckinghamshire

Our mid term property inspections, or as we like to call them, property visits, are a quick, non-intrusive and legal way of inspecting the properties you manage. Even if the tenants are home.

Inventory Clerk attending Mid-Term Tenancy inspection being welcomed in by tenant

About our Mid-Term Tenancy Inspections

Our property visit service offer mid-term inspections offers a simple way to ensure all the properties you manage, occupied or not, are safe, secure, problem free, and being treated respectfully by the tenants.

What is a Mid-Term Tenancy Inspection

Prevent it With a Property Visit

A mid-term inspection typically takes place every 6 months during a tenancy. These inspections are designed to gather a snapshot of the property at different points during the tenancy to check that everything is in order, and the terms of the tenancy agreement are being adhered to

How Our Mid-Term Tenancy Inspection Service Works

A Fully Managed Service to Fit Your Requirements

Our mid-term tenancy inspection service is here to take the weight off the back of your agency. Our team can completely manage all your mid-term inspections, completing them periodically to your requirements.

Inventory clerk attending Mid-Term Tenancy Inspection

What's Inspected During a Mid-Term Tenancy Inspection

Our mid-term inspections are designed to make you aware of anything that could be an existing problem, or a future problem further into the tenancy.

Signs of Damage

Our clerk will look for any signs of damage to the property. This can be anything cosmetic or structural.

Signs of Subletting

In most tenancy agreements, subletting is not allowed. Our clerks are trained to look out for the subtle signs that there could be more people living in the property outside of the tenancy contract.

The Condition of Furnishings

If the property is rented with furnishings, our clerk will inspect the condition of these to ensure they are in working order and not damaged.

Signs of Smoking

Understandably, landlords do not want tenants smoking inside of their property. If there are any physical signs or odours that point to smoking inside the property, this will be documented in the report.

Mould And The Early Signs

Mould when left untreated can cause problems for the tenants and future tenancies. Any signs of existing or developing mould will be brought to your attention.

Issues Raised by Tenants

If your tenants are present during the inspection, they will also have the opportunity to bring anything to the clerks attention.

Evidence of Animals or Pets

If there are any signs of pets and animals in the property, this will be recorded and brought to your attention. Allowing you to take action accordingly depending on the current tenancy agreement.

Signs of Illegal Activity

Rented properties are not always being used for what they're meant for. Our clerks will make you aware of anything that signals illegal activity is taking place in the property.

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