All accounts are payable within 14 days of the report being delivered to the agent, unless otherwise agreed with Hinch PM.  The party making the bookings is responsible for payment.  Private landlords making a booking will be subject to the Hinch Private Price List and cleared funds are required prior to the job being carried out.

Overdue accounts payable to Hinch Property Management are subject to a weekly service charge equivalent of 4% over the base rate of HSBC Bank. Any account that is not paid within 60 days we reserve the right to add to the account any cost incurred by us in instructing an agent or solicitor to act on our behalf in the recovery of the account.


Our pricing structure is set to evaluate remuneration for time and works spent inspecting properties, liaising with third parties and compiling detailed inventory report. The prices vary with the different services we provide including inventory makes, check ins, inventory and check in combined, inventory check outs, executive check outs and inventory property visits. Also there will be a variance due to size, determined by number of bedrooms, and additional rooms, outhouses and complexes in some circumstances, and furnishings.

Hinch PM aim to provide a comprehensive service at a competitive rate with excellent value for money. In certain circumstances our pricelist may be subject to minimal changes due to varying costs. We will endeavour to make our active clients aware of any changes in advance. An active client is defined as a client having booked in 3 jobs per month, in the last 3 consecutive months.


Hinch Property Management will be emailed to the letting agent 2 working days after the inspection is carried out, requests for reports must be made directly to the letting agent and not to Hinch Property Management.  Hinch Property Management are only able to release reports to the individual or company who instructed us to carry out the inspection, and can only release the report to other parties whereby written permission is granted by the individual or company who instructed us.

Inventory / Check In – The inventory is compiled to offer a fair and accurate description of the property and its contents at the time of the appointment.  It will include any dilapidation issues and the general cleanliness of the property.

Check Out – The check out report is used to determine the condition of the property at the end of the tenancy in relation to when the tenancy began.  We will allow for fair wear and tear but any excessive dilapidations will be recorded as chargeable to the tenant.  It is expected that the level of cleanliness at the check out should be similar to that of the check in.

Photographic Evidence – Any photographs taken at a check in will be general, to show levels of cleanliness, either good or poor, and any defects to the property which will be noted on the check in report.  Photographs are taken to back up the body of the report, and should not be referred to solely when discussing the condition of the property.  Photographs at the check out will be more specific to the dilapidations made during the tenancy, and items which the Hinch Property Management clerk deems to require attention prior to the commencement of the next tenancy.  Should an item be photographed at check out, and have not been photographed at check in, the body of the report should be referred to for the original description, condition and cleanliness.  The numbers below the check in or check out photos refer to the numbered references within the report.

Landlord Information

For Inventory makes and inventory Check Ins the property must be ready and in a condition fit for the start of tenancy so the inspection by Hinch PM is able to take place safely and securely.  Any cleaning, maintenance or decorative works should have been completed prior to the inspection.  The property must be accessible, with keys available if necessary.  Any delays or issues not allowing an inspection at the arranged time will result in an abortive fee as per the pricelist agreed with the client.  An invoice will be raised and will be due for payment within 14 days.   Cancellations- there will be no abortive charge if sufficient and reasonable time is given for notification of cancellation and the Hinch PM clerk has not begun the journey to the agent or property.

Tenant Information

The tenant must be ready to check out at the agreed time with all cleaning completed and personal items removed, failure to do so may result in an abort fee or a waiting charge.  The tenant will not be granted access to the property after the time of check out to remove further items or to complete cleaning.

The same keys must be signed over to the inventory clerk at the check out, as was signed over to the tenant at the check in.  If the tenant will not be present at the check out, the keys must ALL be returned to the letting agent, failure to do so may result in an abort fee.  Please also leave a copy of the forwarding address in the property.

Procedures at the property

Our clerks have to complete an extensive internal training programme, however, they are not experts in fabrics, woods, materials, antiques, plant life etc nor are they qualified surveyors.  The terminology used to describe the items herein should be used for identification purposes only.

Furniture and soft furnishings – where physically possible (within the clerks capability) furnishings will be moved and the area behind/beneath inspected. Where items cannot be moved it will be noted in the body of the report that the item was not moved and the area behind/beneath not inspected.  However, should any damage be caused due to this test, Hinch Property Management cannot be held responsible in any way, nor will Hinch Property Management reimburse any persons for any damage caused to the property.  The following items below, in most cases, will not be moved by Hinch Property Management in order to avoid damage being caused to the property, and in guidelines of health and safety.

Windows – Hinch Property Management will open and close windows where keys are present (preferably in locks) or in the property.  Should Hinch Property Management be unable to close a window / secure a property, we will contact the agent immediately who will need to make their way to the property immediately to enable us to leave the property.  Hinch Property Management will not wait for arrangements to be made to secure the property, nor will Hinch Property Management remain in the property until it can be secured

Water Supplied Items – Hinch Property Management will test the flushes of all WC’s, and all taps will be turned on and off to test the water supply.  However, should any damage be caused due to any of these tests, Hinch Property Management cannot be held responsible in any way, nor will Hinch Property Management reimburse any persons for any damage caused to the property.

Please note that Hinch Property Management Clerks are not responsible for testing the items below;

Should any faults be discovered, these should be reported directly to the managing agent, and not to Hinch Property Management.

Matters beyond reasonable control

Neither we nor you shall be liable to the other for any loss or damage which may be suffered by the other due to:

10.1 Any cause beyond its reasonable control including without limitation any act of God, inclement weather

or  10.2 Shortage of power supplies, flood, drought, lightning, or fire strike, lock out or trade dispute or labour, disturbance, any act or omission of Government, highways authorities, acts of terrorism, public telecommunication operators or other competent authority, production or supply of services by third parties.

Sunday Check Ins

For Check In’s booked to be carried out on a Sunday, should the tenant not arrive at the agreed time Hinch Property Management will call the tenant (as long as a contact number has been provided by the agent/landlord.) If the tenant is still not present 20minutes after the agreed check in time Hinch Property Management will return the keys to the letting agents/landlord. Hinch Property Management cannot be held responsible for any overnight charges that the tenant may incur for not being present at the check in.


We request that in circumstances where your tenants have dogs that they are kept muzzled or in a separate room away from our clerk during any form of inspection. In the failure of the tenant(s) doing so, the job will be aborted and an abort fee issued.

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