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Our property inventory and check in reports safeguard landlord's investments and the properties you manage. Join 100's of letting agents and landlords across London and Buckinghamshire who are already using are inventory services today.

Inventory Clerk Showing Tenant property during Inventory Check-In Inspection and report

About our Property Inventory and Check-In Inspections and Reports

Our Inventory and Check-In reports are crafted with Landlords, Lettings Agents, and Tenants in mind. They exist to create an impartial and detailed body of evidence that clearly documents the condition and cleanliness of the properties you manage.
Inventory clerk taking photographic evidence during a Property Inventory and Check-In inspection


Our report removes the guesswork, creating an accurate portrayal of your properties condition and cleanliness at the time of the inspection.


Our experienced clerks will perform a thorough inspection of your property to create a precise report documenting the condition of your property.

Clear Evidence

Our Inventory reports are comprehensive and easy to understand by all parties and in a format preferred by deposit protection schemes and adjudicators.

What is a Property Inventory and Check-In Report?

A Key Step Towards Hassle-Free Tenancies

A property inventory and check-in report is your rental property’s passport to a hassle-free tenancy. It’s a comprehensive snapshot of the property’s condition at the beginning of a lease, leaving no room for ambiguity.

These reports will serve as crucial evidence at the end of a tenancy for supporting any deposit claims.

The Benefits of a Professional Inventory and Check-in Report

Let's Set Your Tenancies Up For Success

An objective and unbiased professional body of inventory evidence helps ensure your investment is protected if a deposit dispute is raised at the end of a tenancy.

Protecting BTL Investments

Our reports safeguard your property investment by providing a clear record of its condition before the tenancy begins. This minimizes the risk of disputes and ensures any damages are identified and addressed promptly.

Smooth Tenancy Transitions

When it comes to the end of tenancy, a clear Inventory Check-In report will provide the foundation for an accurate and fair check-out, helping facilitate a smooth transition for both landlords and tenants, reducing the likelihood of conflicts.

Important Peace of Mind

You’ll have full access to our unrivalled Bookings team, an expert Customer Service team and a dedicated Account Manager. All of whom will work with you to meet your requirements making the Inventory, Check In process as seamless as possible.

They Key Features of our Property Inventory and Check-In Reports

Building a clear body of evidence from the property inventory report you receive is made up of the following key components.

Built For Adjudication

Everything from the descriptive language used to the photographic evidence follows the recommended standard set out by the TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme).

Online Photo Library

Access every full resolution photo take during the inspection via a categorised online photo library.

Completely Digital

Your full report will be available online for ease of navigating the report and sharing with the relevant parties.

Dedicated Bookings Team

To ensure all your inspections go ahead on time and without delay you’ll have the full support of our bookings team liasing with clerks and tenants.

Property Overview

At the start of your report you’ll find a complete overview which highlights the condition and cleanliness of the property.

Award Winning Reports

2 Times ESTAS winning inventory services

Further Features and Key Areas at Check-In

Starting All Parties On The Same Page

During the check-in process our clerk and office team are here to ensure everything is in order for the tenancy to go ahead without delay.

Alarms Tested

All smoke and carbon monoxide alarms will be tested by our clerk. Due to this being a legal requirement for tenants to move it, if there are any issues you will be contacted immediately. Our clerks are also equipped to fit alarms on-site to ensure the tenancy goes ahead.

Information Alerts

If there are any major issues at the property, such as alarms not working. Our team will contact you immediately. Giving you the chance to rectify any issues that could prevent the tenancy from going ahead.

Our clerks are able to install alarms if the current ones are not working for an additional fee to save your agency time and to ensure the tenancy can still go ahead.

Areas of Interest

Any areas that are not urgent, but require attention will be brought to your attention by our team. This can be things such as cleanliness issues or minor repairs that would benefit the property.

The Walk-Through

Tenants have the opportunity to meet our clerk at the end of their inspection. Here, the clerk will advise on any defects and cleanliness issues, putting your tenants’ mind at rest that any defects have been noted by an independent inventory company.

Tenant Agreement of Findings

The meter readings and cleanliness will be agreed on with the tenants. Their signature will be taken to prove that they are happy with the clerks findings.

Keys Handed Over

All parties will have a record of the keys handed over at check-in. These will be clearly photographed and documented in the report

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