End of Tenancy Check-Out Reports

An end of tenancy Check-Out report details exactly how the condition and cleanliness of the property has changed since the tenancy began.

About our End of Tenancy Check-Out Inspections and Reports

Our Check-Out reports offer a meticulous inspection and report that will capture all changes to the property. We train our clerks to think like adjudicators, and to put themselves in the shoes of the landlord. This ensures that if a deposit dispute arises, you’ll be equipped with the facts to support your claim.

Our Executive Check-Out will place a suggested cost alongside every tenant liability found at check-out. Start experiencing smoother tenancy transitions with fewer deposit disputes.

What is a Check-Out Report?

Complete Inventory Protection With a Check-Out

When it’s time for your tenants to move out, it’s vital to document any changes, damages, or cleaning issues that have occurred during the tenancy period. That’s where a check-out inspection and report comes in.

Our inventory clerk can meet tenants to collect the keys as they leave and will then go on to inspect the property, creating a report that builds a direct comparison to the original check-in report. Every change will be recorded, and a suggested liability will be placed against all areas documented.

The Benefits of a Professional Check-Out Report

A Side by Side Comparison in One Check-Out Report

A check-out report created by an approved inventory professional from Hinch PM will build a clear and objective body of evidence.

Our Clerks Know The Signs

Reduce the risk of damages, dilapidations, and cleaning issues being missed. Our clerks have extensive experience in inspecting properties, and know all the signs to look out for at the end of tenancy.

Clear Liability Guidance

Who's responsible? Every area of change in the property will be assigned a suggested liability helping you or the landlord know what areas you could have a claim for from the deposit.

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