Ready to Rent Property Tips

A Presentable Exterior

First impressions are paramount when it comes to renting a property, don’t let the face of yours put off potential tenants!

By simply making the front garden (if you have one!) well presented by removing weeds, unwanted shrubs and having a nicely cut lawn will immediately improve the front of your property.

If you have a porch area try making the addition of a few potted plants as this creates a more inviting and lived in feel. Don’t forget to tend to them! Dead plants will not create the same feel you are going for.

Ensure the front door and windows are presentable if necessary apply a lick of paint to refresh any peeling paint to doors or window frames to breathe new life into them. Remember to choose a durable paint suitable to resist the elements of our British weather!

Refresh your interior with a lick of paint

A cheap and highly beneficial step to take with your rental property can be achieved by applying a fresh coat of paint to rooms which look dull and dingy. We recommend using a satin or semi-gloss finish as this is far easier to clean any future scuff marks or stains.

When choosing a colour to use always remember to keep it neutral, if you want your rental property to appeal to a wide range of audiences you want to avoid your own personal preferences. After all, you are not renting the property to yourself… Tans, Beiges and creams are safe choices. You can always offer the tenant the ability to change the colours on the conditions it is reverted to the original on their end of their tenancy.

Kitchens & Bathrooms make desirable properties to rent

A completely new and modernised kitchen and bathroom can mean very high costs; however, you don’t always have to go to such an extent to make them appear desirable! The first way to achieve desirability is too deep clean. A bit of elbow grease can go a long way so get mopping, polishing and scrubbing. You want reflective surfaces free from scuffs and fingerprints especially.

Once you’ve completed a deep clean you can assess whether any low budget improvements can be implemented. This can be as simple as purchasing new knobs and handles for cabinets and doors, alongside this, you can look at having matching appliances to go with the kitchen and bathroom interior.

Finally, you can use Epoxy paint to improve the appearance of faded, discoloured or rusty bath tubs and sinks new life. This is also especially useful they did not match in the first place.

Don’t Decorate To Your Own Taste

When decorating your property to rent, it is important to remember that you will not be living in the property so avoid decorating to your own personal preferences. Without considering this, you run the risk of making the property less desirable to potential tenants. Tenants want to feel as If they can make a rented property into a home suited to them and their own tastes. To ensure tenants can envision your property as their next home we recommend keeping it neutral (as mentioned before when choosing paint colours) when it comes to any form of decoration or furnishing, choosing easy on the eye colour schemes will mean potential tenants can walk into a ‘blank canvas’ with confidence that they will feel comfortable in your property.

Don’t leave Tenants in the dark

Lighting can improve the look of your property on the outside and the inside. Many rented properties appear to have mismatched lighting, lampshades, fixings and switches. Upgrading these features in your property doesn’t have to cost a staggering amount if you utilise homeware stores such as IKEA.

If you feel the property looks dingy consider looking at freestanding and table lamps around rooms. By doing so you will make the property more inviting, you can even change or create ambience with some well thought out additional lighting. Once you have considered how good the lighting is in your property you can then go on to give your property a higher end feel by replacing light switches, fixings and lampshades.

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