Schedule of condition, what are they and when should you have one created

A schedule of condition can be defined as a factual record of the condition of a dwelling. In effect, all our reports include one of these. This includes inventories, check ins and check out reports. Our schedule of condition is a signed declaration document. The tenant will sign this if present at the Check inĀ or Check Out. They detail the overall cleanliness of the property along with listing keys, utility meter and smoke alarm details. These represent a summarised schedule of condition to reflect the inventory, check in or check out report.

We describe a schedule of condition as

“A schedule of condition is an itemised report compiled when a property inventory has not been supplied. Often useful for tenants when a Landlord refuses to have a full inventory compiled. These can be used at the check in or check out. They help tenants to feel more confident. An independent company will provide cover on the general state of the property”

Schedule of condition

Check Out Schedule of Condition

A Check Out Schedule of Condition is another form of report- and a vital one when it is required. On rare occasion, a tenancy will come to an end and it transpires that there’s no inventory report from the Check In. This is where a Check Out Schedule of condition is required. Therefore, whilst there is no comparison to an original report, there is still a document to detail the condition of the property at Check Out. This works almost like an inventory at the end of the tenancy highlighting any dilapidations. This will often be the only document and evidence to go by for the adjudicator to settle a deposit return.

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The reasons for the lack of an original report can vary. Sometimes a long tenancy would only have had hard copies. Landlords, tenant and/or agent may have lost the hard copies. Sometimes tenants may have moved in without an inventory being booked!

It is of course not the ideal situation to the end of the tenancy and as a result, it becomes difficult to carry out a clear-cut cross-reference. However, it is well worth instructing a Check Out Schedule of Condition. This ensures there’s evidence of the state of condition for the property.

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