3 Powerful Websites For Landlords

We’ve decided to take a bit of time and list our 3 favourite resources for Landlords. If you take a look through our list, you’ll find a variety of different resources from Deposit Dispute experts to Landlords helping each other by sharing their own experience.

Where is Fair Wear and Tear applied most?

,No matter how well tenants look after their rented property, the entropy of life will leave its mark on a property’s condition. It is normal for things to wear and degrade over time. This is where fair wear and tear comes into play. This is recognized by the lettings industry at large. Which, is why […]

Schedule of condition, what are they and when should you have one created

A schedule of condition can be defined as a factual record of the condition of a dwelling. In effect, all our reports include one of these. This includes inventories, check ins and check out reports. Our schedule of condition is a signed declaration document. The tenant will sign this if present at the Check in or […]

Tenants with pets; Should I allow them in my rental property?

It is not uncommon for landlords and letting agents to not allow tenants with pets into rented properties. Usually, it is found the landlord or letting agent is worried about the property being damaged. The question of keeping the property clean also comes up when landlords and letting agents consider allowing tenants with pets. Understandably, […]

Top 5 Apps For Landlords

Whether you are an accidental landlord, let properties to earn supplemental income or a full-blown professional landlord. There are many applications on the market that make the whole process easier. Below we have selected our top 5 apps for landlords that will help enhance your letting experience:   Apps for Landlords Nº1. Landlord Studio – […]

Updating Check Out Reports

The tenants have moved out and you’ve received your Check Out report. But, you or the tenants have noticed something that’s been missed. What do you do? Updating Check Out Reports The check out report is an essential document in any deposit claim. It is paramount that the properties condition. Most importantly, any changes in […]

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