Avoid the risk of making your deposit claim void by avoiding this simple mistake

You’ve taken the time to put in all the floodgates to protect your property.


The property insurance


A trusted property manager


The tenant referencing


An ironclad Inventory & Check In report of the properties condition


And finally, the corresponding Check Out is the icing on the cake

If your property has sustained damage or cleanliness issues due to the of the tenants mistreating the property it’s completely in your right to make a claim on the deposit to remedy the situation. That’s what deposits are there for! And through doing they above you’ll be equipped with the right evidence to support your claim.

However, there is one mistake which we see some landlords make which is costing them any chance of making a successful claim on the deposit.

Try spotting the mistake in this example.

goldfish swimming on white background

The tenancy of your 2 bedroom terrace is coming to an end. Your tenants, a small family of 3 and the pet gold fish have moved out a couple of days early. Due to leaving a few days early the agreed that they’re happy not to be present for the check out report.

A golden opportunity, there’s a couple of days where you can have a quick look before the check out is completed. A chance to see if there’s anything you’d want to point out to the clerk. You ask for the tenants permission to pop into the property. They agree so you’re all set.

While you’re looking around the property you spot a large water stain on a wooden surface… the rough size of a goldfish bowl.

Slightly disgruntled, you note this down as something you want to make the check out clerk aware of. You want to ensure it’s noted in the report and marked down as tenant cost.

Did you spot the mistake?

Unfortunately 9/10 times it’s an honest one.

The landlord entered the property after the tenants have left and BEFORE the check out report had been completed.


If you’re claim ends up being disputed and the adjudicators learn that you entered the property before the Check Out report was created… you may as well kiss any of that deposit goodbye.

Entering the property before the Check Out reports is a self sabotaging move that will make the evidence in this report redundant.

Why the evidence is now ineffective

The burden of proof falls on the landlords shoulders during a deposit of dispute.

If there is evidence that you entered the property after the tenants vacated and before the check out report was completed. It could be suspected that the damage was in fact caused by the landlord.

Which in our experience, results in the tenants being awarded the claim.

It’s an innocent, honest mistake that can quickly become costly. As an extra safety precaution, be sure that you do not enter your property when your tenants have vacated.

Wait until the Check Out Report has been completed.

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