Inventory companies, what makes us different

At Hinch PM we have now been providing a high-quality inventory service for over 15 years. During this time we have never stopped evolving. Ensuring we are at the forefront of providing lettings agents, landlords and tenants with the best possible inventory service available within the industry.

Inventory Report ExampleInventory Reports

Our mainstay and foundation which we build upon is our final product- our inventory reports. These have always been clear and thorough. Simple to read but with sufficient detail. This ensures a fair and impartial outcome is obtained in all tenancies.

We keep our reports updated with the industry and the needs of our clients. For instance, did you know our inventory reports include shutter and blind safety checks? This was brought to our attention by a number of clients. Therefore it became clear that this is a must for inventory reports.

Our office team attent TDS training courses regularly. Another valuable avenue for industry knowledge. Through these training courses, we’ve crafted our inventory reports to the needs of arbitrators. After all, if a report ends up going through a dispute process this is where it performs at its best. As a result, our property managers, landlords and tenants are confident that the report will be well received by the adjudicators.

Inventory reports on top of each otherCovering all job requests

The industry can be dynamic and at times require last-minute cover. It is not uncommon for tenants circumstances to change requiring them to move out. You may have been let down by your usual inventory supplier. They may not be able to keep up with the growth of your business. With more people choosing rental accommodation over buying, this is something

we see regularly.

We endeavour to provide our clients with prompts to aid booking in inventory requests early. Thus enabling you to keep on top of the lettings process. With many of our AIP clerks out and about, day in day out, we are always able to cover those inevitable incoming jobs.

Iphone with incoming call from landlordLive bookings support

Our team is always on hand to ensure all inventory bookings have corresponded and all parties are communicated with ensuring a seamless service. By liaising with property managers, landlords, tenants and clerks. You can be confident that the job will go ahead smoothly.





computer with hinch contact screenCustomer service

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of TDS, DPS and industry case studies. Therefore, by having a well-informed customer service team, we’re able to offer professional advice and guidance on any queries you may have regarding your report. This can be vital in quickly resolve disputes or misinterpretation on a report- which we are always able to.

Extra services

Property Visits

We also offer an efficient and competitively priced interim service option. If you’re interested in how property visits can be of benefit, you might be interested in our Letting Agents and interim property visits article.

Executive Check Outs

For a small addition on the Check Out fee, this service gives an impartial, industry expert estimate for tenant dilapidations. It can be taken as a guide or passed straight on to landlord and tenant parties and can carry a lot of weight in resolving deposit returns, and save much valuable time for agents.

Ahead of the game

As well as learning from our experience, Hinch PM is always looking ahead to the future. We attend industry seminars including ARLA regional meetings, ensuring we are prepared for changing trends and legislation updates- a good example was our immediate incorporating of testing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms when this became a legal requirement for landlords.

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