Property Visits, Why are they so useful?

Both Check Ins/ Out and Inventories are common practice in today’s world, but Property Visits fall to the wayside. Our question is why? By completing a Check In and Inventory at the start of tenancy you are making sure that the property is habitable and in a good state of living for the new tenant. How do you maintain this level of habitable living? Do you rely on a hope and a prayer? If you do not have an inspection throughout the tenancy, how can you maintain it? What types of repairs are going to be needed once the Check Out is complete?

Here at Hinch, we understand that there are quite a few questions to answer and we hope to do just that.

It’s been roughly estimated that only 50% of let properties have regular property visits, which means that the other half of let properties do not have any visits at all, this is quite an astonishing figure. How often have you come across a property that’s has been neglected or even purposely damaged? How often has a tenancy agreement been broken by pets being in the property? We’re sure that the numbers are vastly different compared to those properties that have had a property visit. By having a Property visit our AIP trained clerks are educated to spot the tell-tale signs of pets, rodents, subletting and much, much more by paying paramount attention to the details; More toothbrushes than necessary in the bathroom? A sure sign of potential subletting which we will bring to your attention immediately.

By conducting a property visit very six months or so the landlord can keep an eye on the property without being evasive. A property visit allows for an independent clerk to go into the property and check on the maintenance, upkeep and existing issues. Photographing any issues in the property allows the landlord to assess the problem and then further liaise with the tenant to get this fixed.

However, visits shouldn’t be a way of penalising the tenant, a Property Visit also works in favour to the tenant too. During a Property Visit, they can express any concerns they might have with the property, leaving the tenant with confidence that their voice will be heard. By sending in an independent company to do this you can be confident that they are working on behalf of both the landlord and the tenant accurately and fairly.

Arranging visits is not always an easy process; however, we imagine that it is a lot easier job than that of the letting agent. Not only do we have a dedicated team who plan, route and contact the tenants about visits. Being an independent company conducting the visits smooths the way somewhat to arranging visits. This also frees up the letting agent or private landlords time. Keeping an eye on any legislation both in consultation and passed, we keep both the landlords’ and the tenants’ needs at the forefront of our minds.


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