Mid Term Property Inspections

Removing the risk of expensive end of tenancy surprises

Our mid term property inspections, or as we like to call them, property visits, are a quick, non-intrusive and legal way of inspecting the properties you manage. Even if the tenants are home.

Keep the properties you manage safe and secure.

Focus on what's important

You and your team will get the time back that they would spend on carrying out mid-term inspections.

Leave the leg work to us. We'll liaise with your tenants to organise every inspection.

Giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Prevent costly damage

A property visit will highlight any issues at the property.

For urgent issues, we'll make you aware of them on the day of the inspection.

Giving you opportunity to take the action. Keep jobs small before they turn into something more costly to resolve.

Tenants breaking the rules?

Checking the tenants are not breaking the tenancy agreement is a key part of our process.

This can be anything from smoking inside the property to more serious cases such as illegal subletting, criminal activity and hoarding.

Our clerks in-depth training and experience helps them pick up on the warning signs.


Through our experience with the Check in and Check Out process, it became apparent that landlords and letting agents were being left with serious issues after the tenants had left. In some cases, leaving the property uninhabitable, requiring expensive repairs before new tenants could move in.

The property visit service has been designed to keep rented properties safe, ensuring that they are being respected and maintained by the tenants occupying the property.

We’ve been able to help letting agents across London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and surrounding areas avoid costly and time consuming problems with one simple property visit service.  

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Book A Mid-Term Property Inspection Today

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the property visit team makes mid-term inspections fast and simple

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Frequently asked questions

This is depends on the size of the property being inspected. We find that inspections take between …

All property inspection reports will be sent to you within 48 hours of the inspection being completed. 

For any urgent issues at the property, you will not have to wait for the report. You will be made aware of these on the same day as the inspection.

We find with property visits, it’s quicker and easier to book them in bulk. We’ll provide you with an easy to use document where you can input the properties that need inspecting.

We’ll then contact your tenants and organise the inspections for the most convienient date.

During a mid-term property inspection our clerk will be looking for

  • Damage to the property; this can be cosmetic or structural
  • Signs of subletting
  • Evidence of smoking
  • Mould and the early signs of mould
  • Evidence of animals or pets
  • Signs of illegal activity
  • The condition of furnishings (if property is rented furnished)

No, the tenant doesn’t have to be present if they have prior arrangements and our happy for us to go ahead using keys. However, if there are no keys available in the branch or if there is going to be a dog in the property then the tenant must be present.

Normally the client would like a visit every 6 months, however some clients like to have quarterly inspections.

If you have any further questions please Contact Us

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