Tenants, Inventory Reports Support You Too!

Typically, an inventory will be organised for a property by the Landlord or Letting Agent managing the property before the start of a new tenancy. This process will not involve the tenant(s) who will be moving into the property as it is very important that an Inventory Report is compiled while no one is inhabiting the property.

Unsure of what an Inventory Report is? You can learn more  here: “What is a Property Inventory Report” click here

As the tenant(s) are not included during this process, it can be assumed that this report is purely for the landlord’s own prerogative. However, it might come as a pleasant surprise to the tenant(s) that an inventory report will protect them with the same level of protection that is provided to the landlord.

Even though the tenant(s) are not directly included during the inventory process, the corresponding check in process is where they have the ability to view the original inventory report along with any updates that might have been added during the check in process. To be more specific, the tenant(s) will be taken through the following key areas:

  • The walk-through; advising on any defects and cleanliness issues, putting your tenants’ mind at rest that any defects have been noted by an independent body
  • Taking the meter readings, agreeing on the cleanliness and signing over the keys with the tenants

As you can see, the tenant has a prime opportunity at this stage to raise any initial concerns as well as agreeing on how the report portrays the properties condition. While doing so, the tenant(s) will have the added benefit of being accompanied by an independent inventory clerk; A fully trained impartial professional, equipped with an in-depth knowledge to put any of the tenant(s) concerns at rest.

So, how are the tenant(s) also covered by the inventory process?

Well, in an ideal world, with no dispute over the deposit at the end of the tenancy, these reports will not be required for any evidence as there is no dispute. Happy Landlord, Happy tenant(s)… But how often does that happen, right?

An inventory report will protect tenants with the same level of protection that is provided to the landlord

However, in a situation where the Landlord is asking that (s)he retains some, or even all of the tenants’ deposit you may find that the tenant will disagree with this. The tenant(s) will now have the opportunity to build evidence in their defence of the landlord’s claim. Disputes involving damages to the property or cleanliness issues are strongly supported through the inventory, check in, and check out report from the tenancy period. Tenant(s) can use these documents as evidence to prove that the Landlord is potentially making an unreasonable or unjustified claim against their deposit. A big sigh of relief for the Tenant(s) if anything!



  • Inventory reports provide the same level of defence to both parties in a dispute situation
  • As a tenant, you can be confident that you will only be charged for damages you are truly liable for (if any)
  • A more transparent and trusting relationship is built between tenants and landlords


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