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The most popular front door colours
Date: 23/3/17 Category: Home Tips & Tricks, Landlord Advice

Is the colour choice of your front door putting off potential tenants? According to research from Westbury Windows and Joinery, it might very well be doing just that... But what colours attract and which ones repel? Our guide below will provide some insights into what colours draw the right and...

Property Visits for Landlords

There are many areas within your rental property that require frequent checks and the list grows, the larger the property is. Property visits are midterm inspections to check on the maintenance and condition of the property, as well as ensuring nothing untoward is taking place. They occur every...

Why you need a Property Inventory
Date: 13/2/17 Category: Landlord Advice, Property Inventories

Ever rented out a property without an inventory report? This article will highlight the importance of why a report is crucial every time a tenancy begins. As a landlord how likely are you not to take a deposit from a tenant/s? Did you know without a comprehensive inventory it could become very...

Date: 22/12/16 Category: Landlord Advice

Will your tenant end up on the naughty list this year? Most tenants are of course abiding to the rules, however, bad tenants are notorious for moving from property to property, getting away with not paying rent on time or even not paying the full amount. This can cause a lot of issues for the...

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